KOMO brings you the intensity you want without the injury instigating momentum or impact on the joints common in other HIIT workouts. Our workout is done exclusively on the Megaformer and designed to build you (without breaking you) in less time. 

Unlike most workouts, Lagree focuses on slow-twitch muscle fibers. These are your endurance muscles and they sculpt long and lean, not bulky. Reps on the Megaformer require a minimum of eight seconds without the use of momentum. Since most injuries take place when unexpected forces are encountered, Lagree places an equal emphasis on balance as it does on strength and flexibility. Balance exercises can both prevent and help you heal from injuries, chronic back pain, and other common issues. 

Our classes are designed to push your muscles and your mind to the limit using your own bodyweight and the variable resistance of the Megaformer springs. You’ll perform supersets in each workout, made up of two or more sets of exercises that each target the same muscle group and take them to failure safely. We achieve this with time under tension (TUT) using slow, controlled movements. For comparison, it might take you 15-25 seconds to complete a set of 10 weightlifting reps in a regular gym; Lagree sets are a minimum of 1-2 minutes.

Lagree places a large emphasis on circuit training which means participants move quickly from one exercise to the next for a prescribed time limit. This allows participants to achieve both cardiovascular and strength benefits as the heart, lungs, and muscle groups respond synergistically to the demand.

Make no mistake, beyond the equipment shared in common, no two Lagree/Megaformer studios are alike. At KOMO, we bring a special kind of magic to the method can’t be found anywhere else but right here.

E KOMO Mai to Lagree Fitness in paradise, on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii.

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