It all started with a toxic relationship. 

In my search for an escape from the negativity, I turned to fitness for for stress relief. I always felt that regular gyms were uninspiring and let’s be real…boring, so I googled “cool group classes” and found Crunch Gym in West Hollywood, CA. During the grand tour, they not only had great classes, but also a killer view of Sunset Blvd and a DJ on some nights, so I signed up.

It wouldn’t be long before I discovered that a consistent lifestyle of fitness would be so much more than just a catharsis. It taught me that I was capable of so much more, both inside the gym and out. I had some of the best trainers who seemed to always say exactly what I needed to hear when I needed to hear it. I also met so many incredible people in the classes I took and they became some of my best friends. Soon, the day would come that I’d work up the nerve to finally leave that boyfriend, and when I did, I felt the weight of the world lift off my shoulders and I never looked back.

In the years that followed, I stepped into my full-potential and raised the bar on the standards I set for myself and those around me higher than I’d ever allowed myself to before. I completed several obstacle races and the inaugural Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon in Las Vegas, NV. And, although I had known Lagree Fitness back when they only had one studio, I rediscovered my love for it years later thanks to its constant evolution. From what used to be a 5-6 day a week workout schedule, cross-training every workout type under the sun, I got far better results from just 2-3 times a week with the Lagree Method alone.  It’s still the most efficient and challenging method I’ve ever known.

In 2015, I became a fitness instructor at some of the best boutique fitness studios in Los Angeles and have trained clients on top of demanding full-time marketing/event jobs ever since. It’s not easy, but helping clients in their own journeys to become better versions of themselves through fitness was (and still is) what made it all worth it.

Where there’s a strong body, a strong mind is sure to follow. My thirst for adventure and a good challenge continues to grow. As a result, I’ve jumped out of a plane multiple times, swam in open water with sharks (both galapagos and whale), nailed a few good catches on the flying trapeze, and rappelled off a 30’ rock face. These days, you’ll find me hiking hairline ridges, chasing waterfalls, and picking up rubbish along the trail to satisfy my endless admiration and respect for nature and the outdoors.

And now we come full circle. Before fitness changed my body, it transformed my mind, and it saved my life. With the desire to open these same doors for others, the seed was planted years before KOMO was born.

Mahalo for your support of KOMO Studio, a local, strong, woman-owned small business, where you are always welcome. I hope you love it as here as much as we love you.

With Aloha,

Joy Bitonio, KOMO Founder + Owner/Operator

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